5 Steps To A More Positive Lifestyle

Have you ever idolized someone for their positive attitude? Most of us wish to become more positive but we don’t know how or where to start. Positivity is something that can really have an overall affect on your life.. Isn’t that something we all want?

Don’t think that you’re too deep into your negative mindset to dig your way out of them. We all have thoughts that end up straying to the bad side of our minds,however, I will give you a few ways to improve your positive lifestyle.

Thank me later 🙂

1. Simple Act Of Kindness : Have you ever had a bad day and just a simple smile from a stranger lightened you up a bit? Or is that just me? Either way, your kindness can go a long way. Providing necessary items for the homeless or buying a stranger groceries.. Or simply just a smile! You never know who may have needed it. The act of giving back is an awesome and the feeling is just as good too. Remember, all heroes don’t wear capes. (:

2. See The Good Through The Bad : We have to program our minds to see the good throughout the bad. Why? Because thinking of the negative side of things only makes the situation worse than it already is. Also, we have to understand that someone somewhere has it worse than us. I promise you that finding the good will benefit you in the long run.

3. Get Rid Of Negatives : How can we practice positive living when we still have negative ends that need to be cut? Yes, I’m talking about family, friends, habits, etc. I’m sure you get the drift. All I’m saying is you can’t have a positive life if your surroundings are negative. Negativity will only bring you down and that it’s NOT what you need. Time for a cut.

4. Time For Yourself : Such a helpful thing. Some people feel guilty for spending a little time with themselves. Don’t! That is how you really come to know who you are. By spending time alone you can really figure out what does or what does not serve you, that being a person or maybe even a habit.

5. Positive Conversations : A conversation about goals or accomplishments can really boost your overall mood. I know for me it does. I really enjoy speaking to people about the good that I’ve done. Gossiping has gotten old and honestly, it really does not benefit you or anyone else by speaking on it. Get out of that habit of speaking about the negatives and start talking about your future goals and how you will achieve them.

There are many more that can help you become more positive. These are just some of them that helped me. I hope you apply this into your life and I hope these help you as well.

What are some tips that you’ve used to become a positive Pam?


35 thoughts on “5 Steps To A More Positive Lifestyle

  1. Team work! When you’re struggling or want someone to help you through a challenge (even a positive challenge) it’s always a huge help to reach out to a friend or my husband and say, “Can you do this with me?” My nearest and dearest are almost always game for what I’m asking for help with, and it makes it so much easier to accomplish goals and be happy while I’m doing it! 🙂


    1. Such a wonderful testimony. I am glad that you shared it. Now, others can see that an act of kindness can really turn your whole mood around. You are awesome for that. Thank you so much for feeding our homeless! 🙂


  2. I love this post! Every tip you listed definitely hit home for me. 2014 and 2015 were the years I got rid of negative people from my life, and focused on the good (even if it seemed bad). Now, for 2016, I’m working hard on more time for myself! I want to read, write and exercise more just because they are activities I love!


    1. I did the same in 2015 but will continue this year. It’s always good to have time to yourself and enjoy the things you love. I definitely love to read, write, and meditate. Thank you, glad you liked my post 🌻

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  3. Wow this was an amazing post Alexis.
    I am so glad I visited your blog. Thanks for visiting mines.

    It does not matter if I am watching a video about goals or talking to someone else about my goals and dreams. Hearing about other people’s goals and talking about mines’. Truly makes me feel motivated. Even, while the conversation is going on, I can feel the motivation bubbling up on the inside of me.

    Thanks for sharing these amazing tips with me!



    1. Thank you so much for enjoying my post. I just love talking about goals and just positive things. I love how you said you an feel the motivation bubbling up inside you. I’m the same way. (:


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