Accepting One’s True Colors

I am sure we all can relate on this topic, if not just keep living.

Within our life we come in contact with many different people. The good ones and the bad ones. That is fine and all, but sometimes we shouldn’t surround ourselves with the ones that we do surround ourselves with. However, if you are like me you try to see the good in everyone even when the bad is right in front of you.

I’m not just talking about one specific person, it could be your friend(s), family member(s), coworker(s), spouse,etc.


When someone show us their true colors we are always so quick to say “Oh, she changed” or “Oh, he changed.” Did she/he really change? Some people don’t change at all, they just embrace their true colors and it is sometimes a color that you do not recognize. People’s true colors can be as bright and beautiful as the moon light and others can be as dark as an alleyway at midnight. In many of the situations I’ve been in, most of the time the colors were as black as an alleyway. Sad but TRUE!

That is when I came to the realization that when someone shows you who they truly are do not try to paint over it, because the darkness will always be underneath. I also came to the realization that when you pay close attention to how a person acts when y’all are not on good terms, that is when their true feelings about you hits the fan. Like I said before, this goes for EVERYONE.

I’ve been in these situations one time too many, but I’ve learned a great deal.

The main lesson I have learned is to stop getting upset when someone shows me their true selves because. 1. It was my fault for not wanting to see the signs and 2. I can’t expect everyone to have a heart of gold.

That is what we all can learn from, we can not try to see the good in someone after they have showed us their bad side one too many times. You have to accept that the person(s) you thought you knew… You never actually knew at all. You also have to learn that not everything deserves a negative reaction.

As for this, I just want to say thank you to all of you who’ve really showed me who you truly are. I now know that you all are NOT and NEVER will be someone that I want or will allow in my life. 🙂 Thanks again! 



9 thoughts on “Accepting One’s True Colors

  1. PREACH IT, GIRL! Seriously! I’ve been hitting myself a lot lately for not seeing someone’s true colors and ultimately ending up in a really bad situation because of it, but I’ve removed them from my life and for that, I am so much happier (even if I’m still dealing with the consequences). I’ve accepted that person’s colors and embraced my own, that’s all one can do!


    1. You’re right! It’s sad that people can’t be themselves from the start. Especially when it’s someone you were extremely close to. It was all for the best though.


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