Love Yourself – One Flaw At A Time

Loving yourself is easier said than done. While we are growing older from toddlers to teenagers we learn about what society portrays as beautiful.

Most of us don’t fit into that category.

Every morning some of us walk pass the mirror in hopes that we don’t spot another flaw that society has deemed not beautiful enough and that only makes us hate our being even more. We walk pass the mirror and nit pick at our flaws as if it is something that we can get rid of. We walk pass the mirror in hopes that the scale number will decrease because big isn’t beautiful. We walk pass the mirror in hopes that our thigh gaps have filled because you’re not a real women if you’re skinny. We walk pass the mirror in hopes that our acne has cleared so we don’t have to cake our face with makeup anymore. Natural beauty, they say! Little do we know, those flaws make us the beautiful individuals that we are today.

We all bring something into the world that no one else has. We are all special in our own way. We try our hardest to be perfect, but even then we wouldn’t be good enough. So why try? We try because we want to fit into a category that doesn’t exist. A category occupied with photoshopped pictures of beautiful bodies, perfect hair, surgeries and pasted on smiles.

So, I am here to say DO NOT try to live up to society’s standards.

Live the way you see fit and if that means that you will stand out.. So be it!

Love yourself because you’ve been blessed with the skin you’re in. Embrace it. Love yourself because no matter what others may think about you, you will always remain the same. Love yourself because it is one of the best things that you could ever do for yourself. Love yourself because once you accept who you are nothing can change your mind about it. Love yourself because in the end all you have is yourself.

Makeup or not. Straight hair or curly. Big or skinny. Tall or short.  Flaws and all!

Love yourself wholeheartedly. 



19 thoughts on “Love Yourself – One Flaw At A Time

  1. Couldn’t agree more! Society can say whatever it wants, its reality is not universal. To think that society is the reason why so many people get emotionally hurt. love yourself as you are ❤


  2. That was a great read. I believe we all must love ourselves first. If you don’t truly love yourself for who you are how can you expect someone else to love you for who you are?


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