Why Learning to Forgive Yourself and Others is Important

Forgiveness can unlock many doors for you, if you may not have known. We live in a time where it is more common to hold on to negative situations (hold a grudge), rather than learning how to forgive. That’s the problem! Continue reading “Why Learning to Forgive Yourself and Others is Important”


What is Stopping You From Fulfilling Your Dreams?

Have you ever found yourself envying people who have became successful before you could even step foot in to success’ door way? If so, I will tell you exactly why you are not where you could be and those individuals are right where they should be.

Its all about your mindset and your effort. If no one tells you, I will. Here is why you’re behind on success..

  • Procrastination : 

Be honest, you have set your dreams aside. Your dreams have been calling and you’ve been hitting ignore. Why? Is it because you’re not ready? Or you’re too busy? Don’t use those excuses. Why is it that we can make time for the least important things, but when it comes to important things, as in our dreams and goals, we are too busy? Get rid of the habit of procrastinating and you’ll be able to achieve the things you want to achieve.

  • Fear of Failure :

I came across a quote once that said “Your largest fear carries your greatest growth.”  You think J.K Rowling quit after she was rejected by 12 publishers before Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone was accepted? Nope! You will fail one, two, or even twelve times. That does not mean that you should stop. It means that you use those failures as stepping stones and you continue to press forward until you get to where you’re going.

  • Lack of Motivation :

When you find yourself lacking motivation, just remember that there are people out there getting ahead of you. Find something that motivates you so much that you can’t wait to get up in the morning. Make sure to schedule your days and separate play-time from work-time.

  • No Visualization :

Can you visualize yourself being successful, honestly? We all can talk about becoming a doctor or becoming an entrepreneur, but can you ACTUALLY see yourself being one of those? Visualization is the key component of being successful. If you can not see yourself in those positions then how do you expect anyone else to be able to picture you being in those positions?

  • No Plan :

Do you have a plan for you dreams? Making plans for your dreams is equivalent to making plans with your family and/or friends. Making plans is to help you become familiar with all the case scenarios of what could possibly happen and how you can work around them. You would never want to go into something blinded. You have to know what you’re getting into and be prepared for what may come.

Have you been chasing your dreams? If not, what is stopping you?


4 Benefits Of Rising Up Early

Lets be honest here, the mornings are for sleeping right? We make sure the alarm clock is right on the side of us. So we can easily hit the snooze button whenever it decides to blast that horrifying sound we all dread in the mornings. Annoying, right?
As much as we dread waking up in the mornings, it is something that we can definitely benefit from. I already know what you’re thinking.. “Who’d actually want to wake up before 12:00 anyways?” Let me ask you this, when you wake up late how do you feel?

In high school, I dreaded waking up early and I often questioned why did school begin so early. Not that my question would be taken into consideration by the higher authority.. On weekends, I woke up between the hours of 12-2 o’clock. Lets just say I still felt exhausted and I definitely felt that I just slept the day away. I couldn’t let myself feel that way any longer.

I now wake up around the hours of 6:30-7:00 am and I definitely feel a big difference. Here are a few benefits of waking up early.

Breakfast Time :

Many times when we wake up late we do not have enough time to eat a healthy breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. According to JHSPH, breakfast provides you with energy and nutrients that helps you concentrate in the workplace and/or the classroom.

Exercise :

I often hear people say that they never have the ‘time’ to exercise. However, if you wake up earlier than your usual time you will have a little bit of free time to do so. Every morning, I find time to go for a run/walk. I even did it yesterday morning, in the pouring rain. I know, crazy right? It felt pretty good though.

Work  On Your Goals :

I’m sure most of you have goals and sometimes we get distracted from them. I can admit that sometimes I do get distracted away from my goals. However, all you need to do is dedicate a little time within your morning to concentrate on your goals and how you will achieve them.

Productivity :

I feel that in the mornings is where I get most of my ideas and I even try to get a few things done. Even though, I would rather sleep just like you. I get up anyway and start my day off with being productive. It feels awesome when you have time to do everything you’d like to.

Even if you don’t like rising up early, maybe just wake up 20 minutes earlier than you do now and constantly make your way up.

Are you an early riser?  Or do you enjoy your sleep time?


4 Reasons Why You Should Spend Time In Nature

Have you ever realized how a walk on the beach or going for a run could really help clear your mind? How everything that may have been bothering you starts to evaporate in thin air. I have always been a lover of the outdoors, especially when my thoughts are everywhere else instead of where I need them to be. Continue reading “4 Reasons Why You Should Spend Time In Nature”

Love Yourself – One Flaw At A Time

Loving yourself is easier said than done. While we are growing older from toddlers to teenagers we learn about what society portrays as beautiful.

Most of us don’t fit into that category.

Every morning some of us walk pass the mirror in hopes that we don’t spot another flaw that society has deemed not beautiful enough and that only makes us hate our being even more. Continue reading “Love Yourself – One Flaw At A Time”

Accepting One’s True Colors

I am sure we all can relate on this topic, if not just keep living.

Within our life we come in contact with many different people. The good ones and the bad ones. That is fine and all, but sometimes we shouldn’t surround ourselves with the ones that we do surround ourselves with. However, if you are like me you try to see the good in everyone even when the bad is right in front of you. Continue reading “Accepting One’s True Colors”

5 Steps To A More Positive Lifestyle

Have you ever idolized someone for their positive attitude? Most of us wish to become more positive but we don’t know how or where to start. Positivity is something that can really have an overall affect on your life.. Isn’t that something we all want?

Don’t think that you’re too deep into your negative mindset to dig your way out of them. We all have thoughts that end up straying to the bad side of our minds,however, I will give you a few ways to improve your positive lifestyle.

Thank me later 🙂 Continue reading “5 Steps To A More Positive Lifestyle”